About Us


RC Healer is a research chemical company dedicated to sourcing the highest quality tryptamines and lysergamides. Our mission is to share innovative chemicals to support revolutionary laboratory research.  All our chemicals are tested by a third party laboratory to ensure purity and no contaminants.

All of the prices shown on the site will be the normal retail rate. However, certain long-term, high quantity customers can be eligible for our low cost rates. Just enquire to find out if you qualify.

The Best Research Store

The main business of RCHEALER is manufacturing and selling various kinds of research chemicals. We also serve as a safe marketplace online, connecting legitimate suppliers and consumers of research chemicals. For chemicals that we neither create nor sell, we market them to attract customers, who we then connect with reputable vendors or who can purchase the chemicals directly from each other. Since we’ve been around for more than five years, we’ve had a lot of success. Our company protects its clients’ privacy.

Not merely do we source many companies and producers within United States, we dispatch research chemicals almost worldwide, especially to the Europe, Australia,Asia the united kingdom and South Africa. However, we do not sell or dispatch any chemicals or other products to countries where these are unlawful or prohibited.

As a result, we can boast a 98-99% purity or better for every chemical we sell. We produce and sell more than 18 tonnes of chemicals every month, and can synthesise nearly any unregistered chemical substance or material on the bespoke basis, in nearly any volume all we need is the CAS amount, the IUPAC name, and data on the legality of the product where in fact the order will be shipped.